Many commercial drivers usually go to new places and are often forced to lose their concentration on the road to look for directions. Statistics show that 22% of accidents occurring while driving commercial vehicles have been caused while drivers were distracted, especially in unknown areas.


For this reason, we will share the following tips, which we hope will be useful so that you will not become part of the statistics for these accidents:


  • Do not make sudden changes, if you lose exit or a curve continue and look for the safest way to change direction. Trying to change direction abruptly will lead to an illegal or unsafe maneuver that could endanger your safety and other people.
  • Use your turn signals to indicate your intention to change lanes. Then visualize the traffic and the hazards that could exist and perform the maneuver when it is safe. Use your signals in advance will put you in a more secure condition and will inform your intentions to the other drivers.
  • Plan your trip; investigate where the destination is and how you get there before leaving. By doing this, you will avoid distracting yourself while driving. We recommend the use of a GPS to facilitate your work and reduce risks. The use of technology is very beneficial, as long as it is used properly. If you need to adjust your GPS, please leave the road and once you stop, do whatever is necessary. By not doing this, a GPS would become another distraction for you and could cause an accident.

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