When an accident happens, a lot can pass through a driver’s head, making it harder to remember how to properly document the incident, fill out the paperwork, gather information from eyewitnesses and, even, take photos.

That´s why relying on the proper help and guidance, provided by the Accident Plan application, during the reporting process could be gratifying and could completely change the current transportation industry standard for documenting accidents with CMVs.

The app guides the trucker in every single stage of the reporting process of the crash. Actually, the first question the app asks is if the driver had an accident. If the answer is yes, the trucker’s supervisor is informed via email in real time.

After that, the application continues to ask questions in order to determine how serious the accident was, if the trucker called 911 and if any emergency attention is needed. After that, Accident Plan app gives instructions on how the driver can collaborate with authorities, take photos of the scene, collect information and, carefully, secure the scene. Once all this information is provided an accident report is saved in the app. 

Truckers can easily become a target for litigation and, because of that, it´s extremely important to have accurate and solid information from the accident scene to provide for the investigation. That would certainly make the difference in the way the driver will be treated.

Accident Plan also saves an administrators’ money and time, because the service gathers all the necessary data for a detailed report to be presented to the insurance company, giving an impartial evaluation about driver’s responsibility in the crash.

The app also provides a training video with seven chapters, in an animated format, known as Skidmore, which teaches and provides information to truckers, in advance, instructs how to correctly conduct and report an accident. The app is available for Android and iPhone and the annual subscription for the service per driver costs $25.

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