Tesla presents its Electric Truck

Tesla presents its Electric Truck

The vehicle manufacturer company based in California, Tesla Inc, will present its all-electric heavy truck, named Tesla Semi, next September 28th. For now, there is no information about when the heavy-duty truck will be available for sale. 


Everything suggests that Tesla wants to make the leap to the market as the “trucks from the future” manufacturer. One of the greatest challenges that several companies are facing is creating electric trucks to facilitate the transportation of goods.


In general, the companies that have proposed to build the so-called Semi-Truck or some type of electric trucks opt for the particularity having articulated vehicles, separated into 2 parts: one part with the motor and driver’s cabin and another equipped to carry the entire load. In Tesla Semi’s case different type of trailers can be attached to the truck.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, affirmed that the heavy-duty trucks are among the kind of electric vehicles necessary in the market, but the company also plans to produce an electric pickup truck and a sedan. Musk also said that the Tesla Semi will decrease the costs related to transportation, boost safety and decrease pollution.

In response to the speculations from industry observers that all-electric truck wouldn´t be capable to bear heavy cargos on long distances, Elon Musk stated that the vehicle is a heavy-duty semi-truck with long range and the highest weight capability. Tesla’s CEO said that the company wants to demonstrate that Tesla Semi can be superior to any diesel semi truck.

It is probable that the Tesla Semi’s battery pack is similar to the one from the Model 3 automobile, because Musk affirmed that both vehicles will share many components. That is something good to know, because it could mean that the company plans to start with the Tesla Semi production soon.

For more information about the Tesla Semi visit the website: https://electrek.co/guides/tesla


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