Ten ways to Fight Heartburn on the Road

Ten ways to Fight Heartburn on the Road

Many truckers suffer from acidity in the stomach for reasons that are probably related to lifestyle, work routine, and daily stress. That is because in many cases they are forced to consume fast food; sodas; or snacks high in saturated fat and sodium. This combined with the lack of physical exercise helps to become overweight. These aspects favor the development of heartburn and, if this is not combated, can become a chronic illness, making the digestion process torture.


The measures that all truckers can apply during their daily routines are:


  1. Avoid alcoholic beverages

Alcohol contributes tburn irritating the stomach as it contains substances that are extremely difficult to metabolize. 


  1. Quit smoking

In addition to the other ills that tobacco can cause, the chemicals contained in cigarettes contribute to weakening the lower esophageal sphincter.

  1. Decrease the consumption of sodas

The bubbles contained in these drinks can cause reflux


  1. Chew properly
  2. d must be chewed slowly and thoroughly, that way the saliva will activate the enzymes and help the digestion process. Otherwise, the stomach will end up fulfilling this task.


  1. Lose weight

When a person is obese the pressure generated in his abdomen can increase, making the stomach contents back into the esophagus


  1. Eat healthy

Fatty foods like fried dishes, cheese, or food with a lot of butter are allies of heartburn. If your dietary habits change to grilled or steamed dishes, certainly a difference in the digestion process will be noticed.

  1. Forget stress

All truckers must set time out their day to relax; stop thinking about work; family; or financial problems. Discuss your problem with your colleagues or family and plan to practice a sport.

  1. Digest well before exercising

It is not recommended to play any kind of sport after eating; wait at least two hours before doing physical activity.


  1. Go to sleep two hours after eating

Many truckers arri stops, eat and go straight to sleep. This habit should be avoided. two hours for you to arrive at the place where you are going to sleep stop the truck and eat.


  1. Wear comfortable clothes

Tight clothing interferes with the digestion process. It is advisable you wear loose clothing, mainly on the waist as not to tighten the stomach, because you will more than likely spend many hours sitting and driving.


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