There are several reasons that make truckers choose to use condoms during sex. Either to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases or as a contraceptive, because it is not the right time to have children. 

According to a study made at the University of Indiana, many men and women still make mistakes while putting on a condom. So, trucker friends, if you want to fully enjoy your sexual relations, we will explain the main errors found during the study that should be avoided: 

1. Not checking the condition of the condom:   

Of the men surveyed, 74 percent claimed they did not check the expiration date or inspect the condom to see whether it was in good condition or not before using it. 

2. Exposing it to sharp objects: 

Eight percent of respondents said they opened the condom package with a sharp object, at the risk of making a cut in the condom. 

3. Not completely extending the condom: 

Nine percent of men said they start intercourse without completely stretching the condom over the penis; therefore the condom can come off during sex. To avoid this, the condom should unroll to the base of the penis before starting intercourse. 

4. Not getting air out of the condom: 

Of the men questioned, 42 percent stated they do not eliminate air from the tip of the condom. This could cause the condom to burst during intercourse. 

5- Putting it on after starting: 

More than 38 percent of respondents said they put the condom on after intercourse has started. To prevent the spread of venereal diseases, it is extremely important to put it on before starting sex. 

6. Forgetting to leave a little space at the tip of the condom: 

About 34.5 percent of respondents make this mistake. The tip of the condom has the function of collecting sperm. If not enough space is left, the condom could end up breaking. 

7. Unrolling the condom before putting it on: 

An error made by 15 percent of respondents. The condom should never be completely unrolled before being put on. 

8- Turning out the condom:   

A quarter of respondents said they rotate the condom from inside out while they are removing it. This error could expose all truckers to the contagious body fluids.  

9. Removing the condom before finishing: 

Of respondents, 35 percent said they removed the condom before finishing intercourse. The condom should be used during all of intercourse to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. 

10. Using it without lubricant:

One fifth of respondents do not put lubricants in the condom, which increases the chances of breakage.


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