Technology Increasingly Takes over Truckers

Technology Increasingly Takes over Truckers

IES Mobile® Driver, a mobile web solution developed by TMW Systems, gives drivers the chance to check and manage the information about a trip, such as client order, load details, hours of service, stops, contact details, read messages, observe current routes and check out paycheck information as well as other important data. All that can be done directly from a Smartphone, IOS or Android.

This new solution is accessible for private and commercial carriers who are already using the TMW’s transportation management solutions; IES Access, IES® and Access Plus. The same week as the launch of IES Mobile® Driver TMW, the IES Mobile Dispatch was introduced. This tool allows dispatchers and fleet managers to carry out a great variety of business process from their own mobile devices.

According to TMW Systems’ president, David Wangler, with this powerful IES Mobile Driver solution, the drivers can take smarter decisions during the transportation lifecycle because they will have easy access to information and operational tools necessary for that. He considers that the traditional communication gaps during a delivery trip that can have an effect in customer satisfaction, driver loyalty or fleet profitability, can be eliminated with their new IES Mobile solutions.

IES Mobile Driver has a user-friendly interface and a very easy to use dashboard, where drivers can obtain information from their trips and hours of service without difficulty. Truckers can view their current route and trip directly on a local map and if they want detailed data they are able to find information about the order number, miles to destination, trailer and tractor codes and average speed for order. If a driver wants to check info about the load he will have access to the dimensions, temperatures, delivery, next stop, last location, deadhead percentage, time reported, loaded miles and empty miles.

The order data includes information about clients, origin, destination, commodity and truck pallet balance. Regarding stops, drivers can check its type, number, customer name, customer city, ETA, arrival time, departure time, appointment and dates. If the driver needs to check his current HOS information, he can inspect the driver hour’s tab which includes a complete breakdown of his updated hours of service data, along with the number of hours that he drove in last eight days and also the remaining number of hours to drive in the same week.

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