Take Maximum Advantage of your Fan Clutch

Take Maximum Advantage of your Fan Clutch

Every part of your truck needs to work perfectly in order to avoid any mechanical troubles, making it easier for you to focus on your job rather than solving problems. When it comes to the fan clutch, it is necessary that you choose the best option for your truck in order to help you economize fuel, improve the performance of your engine, and prevent premature wear.   

The more frequently the fan clutch is used, the shorter its lifespan will be. Today's engines allow the fan clutch to work harder than ever, especially with vocational and heavy-haul trucks. Since those vehicles use an engine control module (ECM), pressure from the air conditioner causes the fan clutch to be used about 60 times an hour. This is bad for your fan clutch, prematurely wearing out of the liner.  

Besides premature wear, the constant engagement with the fan also affects fuel efficiency and gas. Reducing the use of your fan clutch can fix these problems and offer other benefits such as:  

  • Increasing the lifespan of the liner and fan clutch reliability   
  • Maximizing fuel economy  
  • Improves lifetime of the belt tensioner   
  • Reduces dust, debris, and noise  
  • Improves the overall engine performance  

In order to achieve these improvements, consider the Horton DM Advantage® two-speed fan clutch solution, which promises to reduce the use of the fan clutch up to 80 percent. This solution works with the on/off standard, however when the “off” option is selected the fan continues rotating around 400-600 rpm, which provides sufficient cooling and does not engage the fan drive.    

The DM Advantage connects magnets to the fan pulley, which does not cause the magnet to stop spinning. The fan is connected to a friction disc with an embedded steel ring. When the clutch is  in its “off” position, the magnets pull on the fan's mounting surface, rotating the fan between 400 and 600 rpm and reducing the overall use of the fan clutch. Thus, conserving fuel and horsepower while extending the lifespan of your fan clutch.  

If you do not want to replace your clutch with the Horton two-speed system, you can start with the PolarForce® kit and convert your actual Horton on/off fan clutch into a two-speed fan clutch in a few steps. Check out more information about it on Horton´s website.


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