STDs do not exclude truck drivers

STDs do not exclude truck drivers

Being infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) does not happen only with inexperienced young people, but more and more truckers over 40 years old are also affected. Truck drivers, if you are having casual sex, use protection and stay informed to detect any sign of an STD. We will explain which are the main STDs:

1- Syphilis - Infection caused by a bacterium (Treponema pallidum) that produces painless, reddish lesions on the skin. They usually appear in the areas that have had contact with the bacteria, such as the vagina or penis.

Treatment - If it is detected and treated in the initial phase, it is possible to completely cure using antibiotics, thus avoiding after-effects. If it is not treated correctly, it can cause cardiovascular problems.

2- Genital herpes - Infection caused by a virus (Herpes simplex). It has effects on the mucous membranes and skin of the anus and genitals. It is transmitted through sex, but simple physical contact can also be contagious. They produce the appearance of ulcers on the skin of the affected area.

Treatment- There is currently no complete cure, but it is possible to keep the infection controlled with the use of antiretrovirals drugs prescribed by a doctor.

3- Gonorrhea - Infection caused by bacteria (Gonococcus or Neisseria gonorrhoeae). It’s transmitted in sexual relationships, causing abundant yellow or green discharge from the vagina or penis.

Treatment - An injection of antibiotics.

4- Crab louse - They are the "lice" of the pubic area, which can also appear in the armpits, eyebrows, beards and hairs of the body. They are easily transmitted through physical contact.

Treatment: Use of specific shampoos and creams. Or even the complete shaving of the affected areas.

5- Genital warts - They are protuberances that grow in the anal and genital area as a cause of HPV infection (human papillomavirus). They don’t usually hurt, but they can cause burning and itching.

Treatment- Creams with podophyllin, cryotherapy, laser beams or surgery to remove them.

6- Chlamydia - Men may have stinging and pain when urinating, discomfort in their testicles and cloudy urine. Women pain can be during or after sex. If is not treated it can cause serious infections in the pelvis and even infertility.

Treatment - A dose of antibiotics

7- HIV – It’s a virus that is transmitted through body fluids and unprotected sex and attacks the immune system. The initial phase may present symptoms like flu, but in the final phase, the weakened body fails to fight against diseases and infections.

Treatment - Although there is no cure, patients can use the prescribed drugs to keep the virus controlled and can have quite normal lives.


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