Staying Healthy to drive in the Summer?

Staying Healthy to drive in the Summer?

Drowsiness and fatigue may be caused by the summer heat and many truckers are affected because they spend a large part of their day driving in high temperatures. To make driving more pleasant and not affect a truckers overall health or performance, we recommend you:

  1. Completely overhaul your truck in the summer:  

Your mechanic should check your truck's condition as the heat can affect the performance of its parts, especially the A/C. It could break in the Nevada desert, where your health may be in danger.

  1. Maintain proper temperature in the cabin:

The air conditioner must properly work because the internal temperature of a vehicle can reach 48°F higher than outside. The cabin temperature should be between 66°F to 71°F. To regulate cabin humidity, the windows should be occasionally opened for 30 seconds.

  1. Stay constantly hydrated:  

It is very easy to forget to drink water while you are driving, but it is essential to stay hydrated in the summer. You must travel with at least two bottles of water; one to drink while driving and the other in case something unexpected happens before you arrive at the next truck stop.

  1. Protect skin from the sun:

Truckers should be protected from UV rays while driving by using long-sleeved shirts and applying sunscreen to their arms (mainly the left one, which directly receives sunlight from the window).

  1. Drive well rested:  

Starting your journey having rested properly is essential. It is good to plan your trip and where you will need to stop in advance; you will save time and avoid fatigue. Whenever you stop, remember to look for a shaded resting place.

  1. Avoid smoking in the truck:

Besides the fact that smoking can distract the truck driver, the chemicals generated by tobacco smoke intensifies fatigue.

  1. Wear lightweight clothing:

Comfortable clothing should be worn to help circulation while driving. Use polarized sunglasses to protect you from the sun's rays.

  1. Have an emergency kit:

It is essential to have a kit in case you get stuck on the road this summer. The kit should have jumper cables; a wrench; a flashlight; paper towels; reflective triangles; a first-aid kit; bottled water; a cell phone charger; and snacks. Make sure your CB radio is working.


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