After a hard day of driving, you pull off the freeway towards the truck stop and, finally, you are off the road and away from traffic congestion. That sounds good, right? Do you think you can relax? The answer is NO. Actually that is the moment when you should be more on alert. A large percentage of accidents with tractors and trailers occur in truck stops, switching yards, and parking lots. These accidents are caused by drivers who lower their guard or are very tired after a long day on the road. The volume of heavy traffic in these places and the poor visibility are added to the difficulty to maneuver in these places

Some of these accidents occur at these locations when drivers do not correctly calculate the necessary space when turning their trailer. Usually, when you arrive in parking lots, they are full of people who are coming and going, seemingly tired or quite relaxed because they are no longer on alert due to traffic and, of course, they are full of trucks and cars. Please remember that it is your responsibility to look after them. Stay on alert with pedestrians and other drivers who could suddenly appear in front of you. As a professional driver, it is important to keep in mind that these areas have the perfect conditions for an accident. Protect yourself and your vehicle by following these tips:

Entering the truck stop or parking lot: Avoid any kind of distraction; enter at the correct entrance; drive at a safe speed; turn on the lights of your truck as well as your emergency lighting; and constantly be looking around you.
Parking: Park in well-lit places, do not park at the end of the row. Park in places with a straight line and properly close your vehicle.
Reversing: Eliminate distractions, avoid unnecessary reversing, and use some guidance if possible. Avoid reversing on the blind spot side; stay alert, observing everything around you.
Before you leave: Inspect your vehicle and do whatever you have to do before starting it, like talking on the phone, checking your paperwork, fixing the radio, etc.

We hope these recommendations are useful and you keep them in mind to avoid accidents that could cost you a lot of money, since you may not be able to work for a long period of time while the insurance follows the procedures of the claim and repairs the damage.

Have a nice day and a safe trip.


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