Sleeping with your partner has many benefits

Sleeping with your partner has many benefits

We know that with a truckers’ life and work routine is not always possible to sleep at home or, worst of all, sleep next to your partner. Beyond the pleasure and relaxation feeling that can be produced by sleeping next to who we love, we want to share the main advantages of waking up next your replica watches

  1.  More opportunity for sex

Sleeping next to your partner contributes to sex, either a full of passion nighttime encounter, that will relax you and help you to sleep better after it. Or, even great morning sex that will make you drive with a smile on your face all day long. The simple touch of skin and human warmth provides the ideal setting for sex.

  1. Increases the intimacy between the couple

The experience of sleeping next to your partner is very revealing. Aspects of that person are brought to light, such as being a quiet sleeper, a sleepwalker, or just move a lot during their sleep. Get to know a person at this level of intimacy turns a couple closer and strengthen the bond between them two.

  1.  Decreases stress levels

Returning home stressed and fatigued from the road is something that probably happens to many truck drivers and just by sleeping one night next to their partner will wake up the next day as a new person. This happens because accompanied sleep reduces cortisol levels in the body. A hormone that causes anxiety and stress.

  1. You sleep much better

Sharing the bed and sleeping together for a long time produces a comfortable and confident feelings in both partners and helps them to fall into a deep sleep more quickly.

  1. Strengthens the couple relationship

Being next to your partner is one of the more intimate moments of the day and indicates total confidence in that person. In addition, the couple sleeps cuddling and the connection they build becomes bigger. This demonstrates the support and affection that one has for the other.

  1. Improves humor

The levels of oxytocin, the hormone that is responsible for making people feel happier and reduce the chances of developing heart disease, are increased when sleeping as a couple. The simple fact of waking up next to your partner positively influences the way you are going to face your work day as a trucker, and helps you to have a more positive attitude.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.


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