Sleep or Sleep. That’s the Question

Sleep or Sleep. That’s the Question

It is quite possible that many truck drivers will deprive themselves from their rest or sleep hours for a variety of reasons, such as delivering cargo on time, recovering time from a loading delay, having anxiety to arrive home, driving for hours to find a safe place to park or looking to maximize mileage. Unfortunately, they affect their health.

With electronic logging devices, it is more difficult for drivers to cheat the machines and not comply with the hours of service rules. Although HOS rules forces truckers to drop their sleep routines at the end, all drivers will need to rest and sleep. So, the best option for truckers is to think about their health and do their best to rest, even with the ELD mandate not being flexible, realistic or fitting for everyone.

The current roadside inspections’ numbers are demonstrating that truck drivers are making efforts to comply with HOS rules; because HOS infractions decreased in 2016. Such positive trends will continue to grow as far as we are approaching the date for the ELD mandate to take effect.

The reasons might be related to the fact that it is more difficult to make an infraction on an ELD as it is with paper logs. In the past, the most common infractions detected by roadside inspections in relation to paper logs were issues filling out the forms, forgetting to update status of duty, no records of duty status, driving over the 14-hour duty period, falsifying logs and not retaining the previous 7 day logs correctly.

That is why new e-books will help control drivers who do not comply with their rest periods. Although it's difficult to believe, this system will help truckers rest and avoid sleep problems, such as sleep apnea, suffered by many truck drivers, and other chronic diseases.

Many truck drivers do not pay attention to the signs of fatigue and want to make more trips to generate more money, without thinking that they are gradually hurting themselves by not resting their body.

When choosing this profession, the person should be aware of the sacrifices it entails, such as frequent changes in resting and meal hours, sitting for many hours, and lack of exercise. These aspects contribute to shorten a trucker’s life and cause suffering from different diseases before 40 years old. Such worrisome numbers increase every year.

Transportation companies should have an exclusive department to guide their drivers about food, sports and mandatory rest, required by law. It is recommended to visit your family doctor for more information.


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