Sciatica: the nightmare of any trucker

Sciatica: the nightmare of any trucker

It’s clear that driving for long periods of time and carrying weighty loads can contribute to developing sciatica. If other factors are added, such as diabetes, obesity and ageing, the possibility of developing sciatica increments significantly.

This condition is generated by pressure in the sciatic nerve and the most common symptoms are related to pain in the lower back and in the back of leg. Truckers, there are also other signs related to sciatica and we think you should be aware of them:

1. Weakness and pain in the leg as consequence of the sciatic nerve pinched, which makes the leg not working correctly.

2. It is very probable that the sciatica pain hurts only in one leg.

3. As result of the numbness in the leg it is possible that the foot can get trapped on the floor.

4. During the night the pain gets worse.

5. The pain is increased after laughing, coughing or sneezing.

6. Bladder and bowels control problems. An uncommon symptom that will probably indicate the need to proceed with a surgical procedure.

Fortunately, in 80% of the cases this condition disappear after 90 days but it is recommendable to seek for a doctor and medical treatment if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.  

We know that it is not possible to completely avoid developing sciatica pain but following the next recommendations can help to protect truckers back:

  • Truck drivers can adopt the best posture while they are sitting in the truck, using lumbar support between their back and the rig seat will be helpful to maintain the back normal curve.
  • Do gentle stretching routine and exercise on a regular basis, taking special care of the back. The key is to concentrate on the lower back muscles and the abdominal to keep the correct body posture and alignment.
  • While in a truck stop or anywhere during an out of service period, truck drivers should opt to sit in chairs with good lower back support, swivel base and armrest.
  • Utilize the lower extremities muscles to carry heavy loads maintaining the back straight.
  • After standing for a long period, truck drivers should raise one foot over some box and take a rest



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