It is a pleasure for me being able to give you news and regulations from the USDOT and FMSCA.As you all might know by now, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is carrying through investigations at inspections sites, specially looking for drivers and companies that don’t comply with all the safety requirements.In their effort to improvesafety and promote compliance, the FMCSA has increased the fines or monetary penalties for those who are reoffending or just don’t want to do things according to their rules.

Among other changes that were made in all of the different categories, below are some of the most important ones. Please compare the new fines with the old onesso you can see how much the fines have increased.

Violating a 24 Hour out-of-service (OOS) order 

Before:  Maximum  $ 3,750 per violation

Now: Maximum $ 4,125 per violation

Excessive Hours of Service (HOS) violations

Before: Maximum fine $ 11,000

Now: Maximum fine $ 16,000

Violation of Federal CDL (commercial driving license) rules

Before: Maximum $ 3,750 per violation

Now: Maximum $ 4,750 per violation

Employer allows CDL driver to violate OOS

Before: From $ 3,750-$16,000

Now: From $ 4,750-$27,500

Violation of Hazmat Training

Before: Maximum $ 250-$50,000 per violation

Now: Maximum of $ 75,000 per violation

As you can see, the FMCSA and the USDOT are in a crusade against non-compliance drivers and companies.  If you are the owner of a company oran owner operator you must fully comply with all their rules and regulations, you have to follow the rules regarding drugs and alcohol, make sure that your documents are up to date, that the maintenance and inspections on your equipment are correct, avoid driving more time than you’re allowed etc.

Remember, if you have any kind of inspection or intervention from the CHP or the USDOT, don’t go to your inspection until you check with me first.  I will make sure thatyour safety system is adequate and that you ought to pass the audit. You can reach me at (909) 390-3656.


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