Safety Tips for Truckers

Safety Tips for Truckers
  • Be alert: Look forward and around the truck constantly. Pay close attention to a drivers’ behavior. If you notice strange maneuvers keep a reasonable distance to avoid any dangerous situation. Always observe and consider escape routes. Resting well will help you be more alert.
  • Avoid traffic: When possible avoid driving during traffic rush hours because this increases the chances of an accident.
  • Be more careful during the night: At night our visibility is reduced, being sleepy can betray us and the tiredness makes us lose our concentration. We share the route with other drivers who could be under the same conditions. All these factors together make us more likely to have accidents at night.
  • Avoid changing lanes, stay in one lane. Only change lanes if it is imperative to do so and do it carefully, looking at all your blind spots.
  • Keep a distance ahead of your truck: Maintaining a safe distance is always essential to avoid accidents and will protect you and your vehicle. The greater the distance you maintain, greater will be your chances of reacting correctly, maneuvering and getting away from danger.
  • Reduce speed on curves and ramps: Remember that you are not driving a car; in fact the maneuverability and stability between a truck and a car are completely different. Adjust the speed in these maneuvers for a speed that allows you to maneuver in complete safety.
  • Investigate the place of delivery: When you go to deliver, especially when it is for a new customer, get off the truck, walk and examine the area. This will help you to detect obstacles and plan your arrival and departure.
  • Check the weather reports: Reviewing these reports is essential to planning our trip and knowing what it is waiting for us along the way. Try to do it whenever you can. Pay close attention to the outside temperature because the weather conditions can change suddenly.
  • Use a special GPS for trucks, at this time many have of us have our GPS, but some use cars GPS or the phone ones. Buying a truck GPS is a good investment. Dear reader, this is not luxury, but a working tool that will guide you properly in your way.
  • Rest: Take a few minutes to rest, get some fresh air, and check your vehicle and load.

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