Rekindle the Flame of your Romance

Rekindle the Flame of your Romance

Every truck driver should start romance outside of the bedroom and a great way to stimulate everyone’s imagination and pique their sexual fantasies is to generate unexpected situations.

You may sometimes feel like you are trapped in the boring cycle of picking up and dropping off loads, making daily inspection of your truck, or talking to the broker or dispatcher who gave you the load. This routine ends up affecting your sexual relationship, but it doesn't have to. By practicing the advice we propose, you could rekindle that spark with your significant other.

A Suggestive "Hello" and Charming "Goodbye"  

Goodbyes are routine in a trucker's relationship and couples are getting used to greeting each other in mechanical way. The idea is to seize the moment, including both the reunion and the farewell by doing something special and out of the ordinary by planting the seed of passion. Try staring at your partner, kissing her hand, bringing her a flower that you picked up for her along your way. There are countless ways to surprise her.

Convert Lunchtime to a Date

Because the simple act of eating it is a pleasure and if the food for two is prepared with love and seduction can be aphrodisiac. Could be a candlelight dinner in a cozy restaurant or simply preparing the cabin of your truck with incense, flowers, wine, accompanied by a good dinner. In fact, many couples who work in transportation act this way.

Passionately look at your Partner

Women love to be their partner’s object of desire. Even if you have been away from home for several days and feel tired, go home and look at your partner with passion. Look at her, starting from her feet up to her face, letting her know your desires; this will make her feel special.

Share a Suggestive Theme or Erotic Memories

When you are on the road away from your partner, you surely remember her and miss your intimate moments. Why not share with your wife the erotic thoughts you have had about her? You can explain a dream or some kind of fantasy or desire you have had about her. She would like to know you think about her this way while you are on the road.

Play Around with your Partner

Fooling around with your wife can be excellent therapy for sexual stimulation; innocent things such as pillow or tickle fights. Physical contact is important. Playing around can lead to a fun and pleasant experience; just try it for yourself.


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