Preventive Maintenance is Crucial to your Success

Preventive Maintenance is Crucial to your Success

Our trucks are exposed to very harsh working conditions. Although it’s true that they are designed for this type of work, the maintenance of our machines, which are our working tools, it is very important. All truckers and especially their wallets, have felt the drastic change in costs between old and modern trucks.


With the incorporation of new technology, each part and each repair costs much more than it did before. For this reason, it is very important that we take care and invest in proper maintenance, as this will save on costly repairs and lengthen the life of your truck.


We delay the maintenance of the vehicle for different reasons, but we do not visualize that this will cost us a lot of money in the future. It will increase our visits to the mechanic, which will not allow us to work (down time). Therefore, your profits will be seriously diminished. Here are some tips for your truck maintenance:


Design a maintenance plan. In the manuals of your truck you will find all the information that you need to know to facilitate this work.


Preventive maintenance is crucial to avoid the truck from failing. It is very important that you or your trusted mechanic workshop periodically inspect the truck. The time you spend on preventative controls will save your machine from downtime due to mechanical failures. Preventive maintenance is really crucial to optimize and lengthen the life of your vehicle.


Personally check your equipment after doing maintenance. Assuming that the maintenance staff has the proper training to do their work, let's not forget that they are human and could make mistakes that could significantly harm us. Ask questions to the mechanics, request recommendations to them, take them into account and write them down. Without written advice, we may end up forgetting and overlooking important details.


At Ardwin Freight, as part of the benefits of our lease program, we offer preventative maintenance to all vehicles. All leasing owner-operators can bring their vehicle to the yard to be inspected for free by mechanics with extensive experience. This is our way of collaborating and thanking the owner operators, which are the most important part of the company, to keep their vehicles up to date and avoid having to pay large sums of money. Have a good day and a safe trip.


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