They say that paying for sex is the oldest business in history. The word prostitution comes from the Latin prostituire (to trade, to traffic), and it means the act to sell the body for sexual purposes in exchange for money. On many occasions, people will reveal the reality of their secrets, fantasies, morbidity and sexual disorders when getting involved with prostitution.

Women who sell their bodies become the sexual choice of many truckers who prefer to pay than to commit, and it is not surprising to find prostitution on leaflets circulating the streets, ads hidden in magazines, as well as finding women offering their services at the trucks stops.

The word “sex” is still the most searched word of the Internet, and nowadays many truckers have virtual sex. This may sound a little crazy, but it is part of today’s reality.

Everyone knows their situation regarding sex, their morbid fascinations and fantasies, and they do what they can about it. Among those who hire prostitution services, we usually find these answers, reasons and comments on the topic:

  1. “I pay for company because my partner bores me and I do not love her”
  2. “I pay for what I need. So I have no commitments.”
  3. “There are things that my partner does not like to do but which give me much pleasure.”
  4. “I have sexual fantasies that my partner does not know about, and I do not want that she thinks that I’m sick. I do not want to lose her.”
  5. “I’d rather pay than to have an extra marital relationship.” Is prostitution not being unfaithful?
  6. “I am the one who pays, so I have the power to demand what I want and when I want it.”

The answers from those who frequent prostitutes are endless, but these 6 points above are the most common responses.

Each trucker has his own sexual history, but there are some thoughts that everyone should review and consider to achieve physical and emotional wellbeing.

A large majority of men find it very hard to perform the following:

* To be faithful to our spouses and desires.

* To devote yourself fully to the respect and responsibility for your family.

* Communication is the fundamental key to the sexual life of the couple. It is possible that many of the fantasies that a trucker has are more normal than he thinks and that they can be well received by their partners.

* Ending relationships that are dysfunctional and that lead us to seek out prostitutes.

As adults and road professionals, we must choose to practice a healthy and safe sex life. As always, it is important to find the advice of trained professionals who can help us to avoid bad choices and foremost, we must learn to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted diseases.


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