Parking your truck is much easier now

Parking your truck is much easier now

Truckers are affected by different and difficult situations while they are on the road. Parking their truck is not a new problem but still is a challenge for truck drivers. According to the FMSCA more than 3 million of trucks are circulating throughout the US highways, but there are only 300,000 parking spots available.

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In addition to the lack of parking spots the new law related to the use of ELDs makes the parking situation worse for the truckers, as they are required to park their trucks after 11 hours operating. This federal law will be infringed with the non-compliance of this requirement by the truckers.


It seems that technology can be the most adequate solution for this situation. Actually, with the goal to help truckers with the truck parking problem a new app was created, called Trelp.  This app focuses on the user, where the map of the app is similar to the one used by Waze but, besides showing the rest areas and truck stops, Trelp offers an outstanding feature which allows truck drivers to put a flag in real time on non-conventional or standard parking spaces. With this feature truckers can inform other users about places where parking the truck is allowed, such roads, shopping center parking lots or industrial areas.


Another feature included in the app, will help trucks save fuel, time and money; is the last mile directions. Trelp enhances the receiver or shipper information related to their physical address available compared to the traditional parking and navigation apps, by informing the truck drivers where exactly they can unload and load a cargo.


Truck drivers are also able to publish anonymous comments about receivers or shippers, such as which shippers won´t permit anticipated arrivals, their operation hours, which requests a lumper fee in cash for executed bills of Lading and, even if parking during the night is authorized.

At the moment, Trelp is available for Android systems but the company is already working on an iOS version. For more information about the Trelp visit the website: or download the app directly from Google Play Store.


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