October 15 is deadline for filing tax returns

October 15 is deadline for filing tax returns

October has arrived and in two days it is my birthday and look, here I am waiting cargo at 3,300 miles from home. I like being with the family to celebrate, but either way there is no choice but to work. The celebrations can wait. At the moment I remember that this coming October 15th is the day the six-month extension from the Internal Revenue Service is finishing, which I had forgotten. Sure this is not more important than my birthday, but it is something I would like to not fail at, because the fines, interest and other problems result caused from forgetting this date. The last thing I want is to have tax problems with the federal or state government.

I hope that in a few hours I can leave with my load, travel 3,300 miles without having any setbacks along the way and arrive before  October 15th to do my tax statement on time. The other thing I must do is call my Enrolled Agent and ask for help preparing my taxes. I hope my accountant has the time available to do it, because it can be very busy with customers.

On the Internal Revenue Service website there is a reminder for taxpayers that October 15th is the last day of the six-month extension to submit income tax returns for 2014. The IRS offers you the possibility to send your tax statement electronically, although you can also send it on paper; you have the option to pay these taxes in the same way, electronically or by mail. Remember your extension was granted to send in all income tax returns rather than paying. If tax debt was a result in 2014, you could be subject to penalties and interests for the amount to be paid.

It is very important to note that if you do submit your income tax return on time you can avoid many problems. Above all, avoid unnecessary penalties and interests. Our suggestion is that you protect and take care of your money using your wisdom and anticipate these events. For a small transportation entrepreneur, every dollar you earn are miles that you travel; put value to your money and take care of it.

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