NEW YEAR! New Traffic laws in California

NEW YEAR! New Traffic laws in California

Since January 1st of 2016, California has began enforcing new traffic laws. These are some of the new rules: law enforcement agencies can now activate a Yellow Alert in case a Hit and Run occurs involving fatalities. The pilot program has been extended for another year in the counties of Los Angeles, Sacramento, Tulare and Alameda. This program requires drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence to carry a device that records the amount of alcohol in their breath or IID (Ignition Interlock Device), which prevents the vehicle from starting if the driver is drunk.
The Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV increased the minimum amount of damage for reporting an accident to DMV from $750.00 to $1,000. This means that if the property damaged in an accident without injuries is under a thousand dollars, it does not have to be reported. Only accidents exceeding one thousand dollars in damages, even if there were no injuries, still needs to be reported. Accidents with injuries always need to be reported to the DMV and police.
Being careful is always necessary when you are involved in a minor accident, especially if at first glance it only looks to have minor damages and are not reported. Then later on, when the damages are evaluated at the mechanic shop, they could exceed the one thousand dollars, making the accident eligible to be reported. So, you must get an estimate of the damages to determine if the accident should be reported or not. And remember that if the damages exceed one thousand dollars and are not reported, the person that you hit can report the accident to the DMV and your license could be suspended for not acting.
Another rule that was added to the existing one requires slow-moving passenger vehicles to pull over safely when five or more vehicles are behind, allowing traffic to pass. This rule also now applies to bicycles.
These are just some of the new traffic rules in California for 2016. For more information you can call our office, “The Defender of Truckers.”

As always, you can call our office, “The Defender of Truckers” with any questions or help with tickets or accidents at: 1 (800) 970-5530.


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