Morning Sex Helps to Have a Relaxed Day

Morning Sex Helps to Have a Relaxed Day

Many truck drivers end up having sex at night when they get back from a long journey; they are relaxed in their beds, under the intimacy of their sheets, after a bath, and are already lied down. But this does not have to be a rule, because the setting time of sex can be very boring.

If the trucker is fortunate enough to have a local job that allows them to wake up at home, then morning sex can make the day more enjoyable. The truck driver can get the most of their sexual encounters along with an imagination free of carnal desires and take advantage of their physical well being, since they woke up well rested.

Sex in the morning is very stimulating and comforting; it helps reduce stress and stimulates a more positive day. In addition, our bodies release endorphins, which collaborates in keeping  ourselves active. It is a huge injection of stimuli, like the one we get through practicing sports, but without having to get out of bed.

It is also the most appropriate and logical time of day for sexual intercourse. Truckers come home tired after a long day driving, they probably go to bed very tired and sleepy. And end up practicing sex in a mechanical way without much enthusiasm.

Instead, in the morning they will wake up sleepy, but they will gradually increase their levels of disposition and energy. What is the obstacle to morning sex? Work, right? But this doesn´t have to be something to worry about if there is some planning.

The truck driver will probably have to wake up earlier to enjoy this sexual encounter, but going to sleep earlier will compensate the effort to wake up sooner. And, surely, the appointment with lust will leave them in ecstasy and will help forget the change in the sleep routine.

In the men case, the morning libido is through the roof, the body desires to have sex. This desire is unconsciously provoked by the testosterones, which are at a very high level in the morning, making the body to want sex like crazy.

It is not realistic to think that every day will be possible to have morning sex; however, it is an interesting option to adopt from time to time. It will not only help to keep the sexual flame lighted, but will also change the trucker and their partner’s day. Surely they will live that day happier and much more motivated.


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