Minimizer promises Greater Comfort with their new Seats

Minimizer promises Greater Comfort with their new Seats

Truck seats are an essential part for drivers.  As we all know, spending too many hours behind the wheel can cause a lot of pain in a truckers’ body, especially the back. That is why it is important to choose the most adequate seats for your truck. Minimizer offers the best option, affirming that their HD truck seats system addresses the functional and physical demands necessary to truck drivers.

Minimizer, an HD products manufacturing company, well known for the production of exclusive articles like Fast Flaps or Poly Fenders, has partnered with the global leader ISRI to produce Heavy Duty Truck Seats. The project started years ago and Minimizer always had Isrinhausen in mind, knowing they were the best option for this collaboration considering their reputation in the production of truck seats.

ISRI´s truck seats manufacturing know-how complemented by Minimizer´s impressive brand have certainly brought a singular HD truck seat to the aftermarket, compared to the other options available now. In order to produce a highlighted product, both companies spent years developing the seats and subjecting them to Minimizer´s strict testing to provide their Lifetime warranty.  

The Minimizer Long Haul Series has six different seats options and all of them are fully equipped with 14 standard features:

  1. Adjustable armrests;  
  2. Full swivel base;
  3. Seat tilt adjustment;
  4. Seat cushion length adjustment;
  5. Fore / Aft adjustment;
  6. Fore /Aft lockable isolator;
  7. Air Dump;
  8. Adjustable shock absorber;
  9. Air height adjustment with memory;
  10. Lower air lumbar support;
  11. Upper air lumbar support;
  12. Side air support bolsters;
  13. Head & Shoulder adjustment;
  14. Backrest (full recline).

Besides these 14 standard features, truckers also have the option to choose a heated backrest and seat cushion, in addition to a cooled backrest and seat cushion or even a revitalizing massager. The Revitalizer option has already conquered various truckers, as it is the perfect option to improve their blood circulation. After being used for 20 minutes, it will help the trucker not feel as tense and have less achy muscles.


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