Maintaining air pressure in your trucks tyres correctly can help you to reduce your costs per mile. Many truckers think that the tire is supporting the weight of the truck, however tires are simply the containers that keep the air. It is the AIR inside of the rim that supports the truck and its cargo, in addition to absorbing its impact with the road.

Determining the correct inflation pressure is critical for the truck tires to operate successfully: flexion created by under inflation generates heat within the components of the tire. If the pressure is too low, the tires will wear away quickly, cause the steel strings that they are constructed from to fatigue and break, and this can also cause more fuel to be consumed when the tyres roll. Wheels with low air pressure provoke a greater tendency to skate on curves, creating an uncomfortable and risky driving situation.

Furthermore, tires with too much air reduce shock absorption, lead to rigid driving and accelerate the wearing away of suspension components. They will be more vulnerable to cuts, impact breaks and bumps on the surface of the tread. Both sub and over-inflation can change the footprint tread of the tire (which is the area that is in contact with the road), and this change will affect tire traction, even leading to uneven wear patterns.

To find the correct inflation pressure for tires, find the suitable entries in this table. As shown in TIRE SIZE column, the appropriate is 295 / 75R22.5.

Under the USAGE column, select SINGLE and look along the row to find the load of 6,000 lb. This is the charge that each tire is supporting from the 12,000 lb at the front axle. You will find 5,980 lb at the column of 105 psi and 6,175 lb at the column of 110 psi.

If your operation runs constantly under 12,000 lb, 105 psi will give you 11,960 lb load capacity. However, if the front axle load exceeds 11,960 lb 110 psi will provide 12,350 lb load capacity. Choose the one that’s right for you.


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