Is Being A Truck Driver Affecting Your Sexual Performance?

Is Being A Truck Driver Affecting Your Sexual Performance?

Bad habits and a stressful life routine as a trucker may affect you at the end of the day. You may feel tired both physically and mentally. But it's time to enjoy your time alone with your wife and have sex. Even if you really want it your body may just does not respond and that may indicate you have erection problems.

Erectile dysfunction can occur for various reasons, but this condition can be reversed if you make changes in your lifestyle, without the need of taking drugs such as Viagra. Make changes in your life will improve your health and avoid developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes, among others.

Regardless of why you are experiencing this uncomfortable disorder we will give you some tips to help you overcome it and have a more active sex life:

  • Take care of your vascular health – If the sugar levels in your blood are high, you have high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, then the heart and brain arteries can be affected. That can provoke heart attacks, strokes and also erection problems. On the other hand, if the good cholesterol is low and your belly continues to grow you can also have cardiovascular problems and erectile dysfunction. Have a medical check-up.


  • Walk at least 30 minutes every day – According to study performed by the Harvard University, if you walk every day, the chances of having erection problems decrease by 41%. You can walk in the truck stops or even when you are at home with your wife; invite her to take a walk.


  • Strengthen your pelvis – If the pelvic area is strong you will have more rigidity in your erection and will keep blood in the penis even if a key vein is pressed during sex. There are exercises to strengthen that area, practice your preferred exercise when you have a break.


  • Lose weight and stay in shape – An excellent way to avoid or overcome erection problems. Since the obese individual is more likely to have vascular disease and even diabetes, both favor erectile dysfunction. The excess of fat in the body affects the hormones and can also cause erectile impotence.


  • Have healthy diets – To reduce the chances of having erectile dysfunction your diet should contain lots of fruits, fish, whole-grain products, vegetables. Also, you must avoid overeating red meat and sausage products. Lack of vitamin B12 also favors erectile impotence; you can take a daily dose of multivitamin to supplement your problem in the absorption of this vitamin.

Visit your doctor with your wife; he will give you the best recommendations.


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