International Roadcheck 2017- Focus in Cargo Securement

International Roadcheck 2017- Focus in Cargo Securement

The 30th edition of the CVSA’s annual Roadcheck will happen during June 6-8, 2017. During 72 hours, the CVSA inspectors will perform inspections of different elements related to CMVs and driver safety.


Like every year, the International Roadcheck will focus on a category of infractions; this year’s emphasis will be cargo securement. Inspections for compliance of safe cargo regulations are regularly part of Roadside checks, but this year the CVSA has the aim of making a reminder of cargo securement significance to highway safety.


The inspectors will perform extensive roadside inspections; the North American Standard Level I Inspection, which consists in a procedure with 37 steps that includes checking vehicle mechanical fitness and also driver operating requirements.

The drivers will be required to provide their HOS documentation, motor carrier registration, shipping documentation and driver’s license. The seat belt usage and the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will also be checked by the inspectors.


The vehicle check will include the inspection of elements such as coupling device, brake system, frames, fuel systems, rims and hubs, lighting devices, windshield wipers, driveshaft, tires, wheels, suspensions, exhaust systems and, of course, cargo securement. 


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