If you do not Lose Calories on the Road, Lose them in the Bed

If you do not Lose Calories on the Road, Lose them in the Bed

After returning from the road, you will surely arrive home with the desire to have sexual intimacy with your partner, right? Do you have sex intensely and you take care of your figure? It is possible that you have already wondered if you had burned some calories during sex. Probably yes, since when having sex, you end up doing physical exercise.

But how many calories exactly can you lose after sex? The calories burned with sex will depend on the movements, intensity and sexual postures. Considering sexual intercourse as physical exercise, it is estimated that a man, after 25 minutes sex, can burn approximately 100 calories. Not bad, isn’t it?

If you start to control the duration of your sexual activity, you’ll begin to see if you are improving your resistance and prolonging the time of your sexual encounters. The longer your intercourse lasts, the more benefits you will contribute to your body and the more satisfied your partner will be. You do not have to check the clock constantly and focus more on having sex in a relaxed yet enjoyable way, and make sure to concentrate on your partner. If you start to take into account your body, you will see considerable improvements.

You do not have to become a statistic maniac and take strict control of your performance because you will end up scaring your partner. Remember that your partner will be waiting for the days you’ll be back from the road and you will need to put effort on the foreplay. The important thing is the quality of sex and not the number of times you do it. The objective of your sexual relationship should not be to lose weight, but to satisfy yourself and your partner, so concentrate on it and make your partner enjoy it. And all the other extra physical benefits will be the result of doing it correctly.

If you find the right balance between having spectacular sex, with lots of passion, and physical exercise, then sex can be an excellent way to stay connected with your partner and at the same time burn calories. Keep in mind that, to avoid being sedentary and having health problems, you should practice at least 150 minutes of moderate physical exercise each week. So do your math and combine the physical exercises that you practice when you're not driving, with regular sex to keep yourself in shape.


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