How to Reject Aggressive IRS Agents

How to Reject Aggressive IRS Agents

Some months ago I had a client who had an audit process with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and an aggressive and unscrupulous agent had been assigned to his audit. This agent denied him many expenses of his transportation business.

At first, this client was represented by his tax preparer, who had established a friendship with the IRS agent. At the end of the audit, this IRS agent calculated the client a high amount in taxes. This friendship was based only on being able to get more information about the client and use it against him. This is why our trucker friend hired us to continue his audit case with the IRS.

We managed to reopen the case and the same agent was assigned to us, a Latina woman who did not have a good personality and it was clear that her intentions towards my client were malicious. She chose our office to do her job and it took eight days to finish it. While she was doing the audit, we presented her the necessary documents and treated her with professionalism. Once she finished, she left and after a month she sent us her report, which, like the first report, had many anomalies and a high debt in taxes, interest and fines.

Based on the negative result for our client, we appealed to the appellate court, which was accepted and as a normal process, we had to repeat the audit and with the same agent, in other words the previous agent. She needed eight more days and got the same result as before. The amount of the debt was different, but it remained high and without foundation.

Finally, I called the appellate judge and explained that we did not agree with the outcome, after this agent had reviewed all the documents and had not correctly reflected the result. It was evident that this person had problems in her work and all she was doing was to waste many hours in this case, showing poor knowledge and lack of ethics. The appellate judge agreed to personally review the documents and he was able to verify that my arguments about the audit report were correct, as the IRS auditor had ignored many expenses with the sole purpose of damaging my client.

The next time you have an audit do not accept the result if you disagree with it and consult a professional.


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