How to Fight Insomnia on the road

How to Fight Insomnia on the road

Being well rested is essential in the daily routine of a truck driver, so the quality of his rest is essential after a long road trip. Being in a good mood makes driving safer and, at the same time, helps your health. However we all know that stress experienced by truckers, in addition to bad habits, can affect them at bedtime.

Even though insomnia seems impossible to overcome, we will give you some tips that will surely help you take advantage of your time off, either when you are on the road or when you are back home.

  • Set a routine before going to sleep:  

The goal should be to relax gradually, either when you are at a truck stop or at home. Try to change your routine before bedtime. To begin, take a good bath or walk around the truck stop, and when you are at home invite your wife to walk around the block or enjoy a good movie.

  • Go to bed when you are sleepy:

If after 20 minutes you cannot sleep you should get up and do something that relaxes you, such as listening to soothing music. This way you will block out the engine noises from the truck and you can have a pleasant sleep.

  • Create a comfortable atmosphere in the room or truck cabin:

Your bedroom at home or in the truck cabin must be organized, free from noise, and without any lights that will affect your rest. The temperature is very important, so make sure that the air conditioner or heater is working in order to sleep perfectly.

  • Perform physical activity in the morning:

Physical exercise promotes sleep when it is done several hours before going to bed, because the hormone cortisol is released when exercising and may hamper the reconciliation with sleep.

  • A doctor should be consulted if you snore or have difficulty breathing:

In order to rule out that you have any kind of obstruction breathing while you are sleeping.

  • Concerns regarding the alimentation:
  • To promote sleep you should eat aliments that help you release melatonin such as bananas, almonds, oats, or milk.
  • You should have a light dinner before bedtime and avoid drinking lots of fluids before bed.
  • Avoid drinking beverages containing caffeine after 6pm because they are stimulants and can decrease your sleepiness.
  • Avoid cellphone screens before going to sleep:

The brightness produced by the cell phone screen affects sleep because the brain interprets it as daylight.


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