How to avoid the uncomfortable fluid retention

How to avoid the uncomfortable fluid retention

During the summer many people suffer from fluid retention. Higher temperatures, changes in eating habits, facilitate the feeling of being more swollen. In the truck drivers’ case, the discomfort can be even worse, because sitting all day in the truck makes it difficult to properly eliminate the fluids from the body.

These liquids are produced by an imbalance between the fluids of the body. If they are not removed from the body they accumulate in the tissues and, consequently, the feeling of swelling occurs. There are health factors, such as heart or kidney problems that cause fluid retention and need medical help to resolve it.

But it can also be caused by external factors such as heat, high humidity, high consumption of sugar and/or sodium, stress or not resting properly. These factors resemble the conditions that many truckers deal with on the roads, especially during the summer. But it is possible to be prevented by the following way:

  • Drinking a lot of water - At least 2.5 liters each day, since the water will help to eliminate the wastes of the body and to dilute the sodium, and avoid liquid concentration in the tissues. If you do not like water, be creative, drink teas, natural juices without sugar, but always carry a lot of liquid with you in the truck.
  • Eating salty foods moderately - Such as cheeses, sauces, sausages. And also using small amounts of salt in your food.
  • Controlling or even avoiding the consumption of foods with sugar - Because both sugar and sodium (salt) favor the retention of liquids.
  • Consuming foods rich in water - like fruits and vegetables. If you do not find these options on the road, try to take them from home on the next trip.
  • Do physical activity - It is important to avoid a sedentary life, physical exercise will promote blood circulation, helping to remove fluids from the body. You can even walk during a half an hour in the truck stop when you park the truck before going to rest.
  • Eating foods rich in potassium – Such as potatoes, bananas, legumes, etc., to counteract the effects caused by salt in the body.
  • Consuming proteins - If there is a lack of it in the diet this could contribute to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues.
  • Resting properly - It is very important to pay special attention to a good rest, because it will help to prevent fluid retention, especially in the lower limbs.
  • Do not sit for a long period of time. Something difficult for a trucker, but you should try to walk a little at every chance that you stop the truck.
  • Use loose clothing - Because it will help the blood circulation.

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