Sometimes, owner operators end up being their own worst enemies in business and do things that do not contribute to their own success. One of the most common mistakes is that they want to have the same income every month and do not understand that there are good months, in the year, and there are bad months. There are also those who change from carrier company because another company offers them more time at home, until they realize that, with their truck parked and decorating their yard, they cannot make enough money to meet their payments.


Here are some tips that can help you thrive in your carrier business:


- Build a long-term relationship with a carrier, establish trust. You probably have not noticed it, but every time you change from carrier this cost you money. And, in many occasions, the fault is yours for not investigating the company that you choose to work for. You need to ask questions about prices, deductions, safety record, customers, routes, frequency and method of payment, etc. Get informed before signing and do not make hasty decisions, to avoid starting over with another company after a short time. If you can, ask questions to the people that already work there.


- You must understand the economy and the sector that you are going to become part. Avoid entering sectors that are in recession. Look for companies that work with growing industries, have good customers and have been in business for some time. Companies where you see people leaving soon, right after having started to work there, are not good places to establish a long-term relationship.


- Keep realistic expectations regarding your income and save money for the times that things go slower. Have in mind your expenses and live within your means.


- When you choose a truck, do a good check of the specifications to obtain maximum benefit from it. Remember that being an owner operator is a business and your truck your tool. Do the required maintenance to your truck. Make your truck a money machine.


- Understand and accept that companies will pay you only for the work you do. You will only earn more money if you are willing to work harder.



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