Dear truckers, I hope you all had a happy holiday season. Frequently, I’ve receive calls asking how the electronic logbook works. Primarily, you need to have a cellular device with internet connection, not just WI-FI, and hire a company that sells the device and the service.

These cell phone companies, which are not like the common companies in the market, sell a device named "PORT". I know one company that sells the PORT and the mandatory application. The set up costs $150.00. When you buy the system, you must take your vehicle to install the device inside the hood; you will not see where they put it.

Your smartphone will then receive and send information to the satellite and record it in your application. The application must be downloaded to your smartphone and you will be charged with a monthly fee of around $20 to $25. Once you have installed the service and the app, you can start using it. It is like a paper log book.

Once you start, the app will ask you questions such as your current location, bill of lading number, and inform when you are ready to travel. It has an alarm to warn you when something goes wrong, such as not resting after 8 hours of driving. You are satellite controlled; you can’t make changes since everything is saved to your smartphone. At the inspection scale, the Inspector will request your mobile device. I will share a list about filling the book:

Recess before starting a shift: 10 consecutive hours.

Driving limit: 11 hours

Driving window: Not driving a CMV after 14 successive hours.

Breaks: Not driving a CMV after more than 8 successive hours driving since the last break of more than 30 minutes in a row.

Weekly limit: Not driving a CMV after 60 hours on duty during 7 successive days.

Time in the vehicle: It is considered "driving" to ride in the passenger seat while the vehicle is on duty. Rest in a parked vehicle can be considered "out of service".

Extension of 11 hours driving limit: Extension of 2 hours is permitted for "adverse driving conditions" (no applicable for 14 hour driving window).

Extension of 14 hour driving window: Extension of 2 hours is permitted up to 2 times per week for drivers with a non-commercial license on a 150-mile radius, or once a week for drivers who went back home for 5 working days and were off duty for 16 hours.

Penalties: CSA points and up to a $2,750 fine. Driving more than 14 hours after 10 hours of rest is a "blatant" violation, subject to maximum penalties.


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