How proper wheel alignment can benefit your business

How proper wheel alignment can benefit your business

Approximately 70% to 80% of heavy vehicles operating on the road are misaligned. The transportation industry believes that it is very difficult to obtain a service for their trucks to be lined up in good quality and delivered on time. To save on   unnecessary costs, prevent accidents and for the truckers to do their job safely and on schedule, we must pay more        attention to this aspect of a truck.

Many times, the problem that involves a misalignment is detected only when the damage caused is already very apparent. It involves changing parts and having the truck stopped until it is fixed and safe again. This situation could be completely resolved if a regular program of vehicle maintenance was performed, saving the truck owners the high costs that misalignment can bring.

The cases of truck drivers facing problems generated by the misalignment when they are on the road involve unforeseen expenses and loss of time, which ultimately affects their deadlines, their working hours and their pocket. Therefore, we must bear in mind a vehicle that is aligned properly and has all its wheels pointing in the same direction can bring many benefits for a business, because it is the most effective method of controlling spending in tires while taking a major impact on fuel consumption.

With a properly aligned truck you can avoid some problems such as premature wear of suspension parts, increased fuel consumption and excessive wear of tires, unsafe vehicle handling and fatigue of the wheel professional forcing a greater turnover.

It is recommended that at least three alignments are done in the truck throughout the year or every 75,000 to 90,000 kilometers traveled, as a form of maintenance and prevention of problems and expenses.

Alignment service is a normal activity and is commonly performed in workshops focused on suspension of heavy vehicles. Technicians working with suspensions are usually experts in the alignment work. The additional requirement that must be taken into account when choosing a workshop is that there is a precision measurement equipment. ETM


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