How often you should perform the maintenance of your DPF?

How often you should perform the maintenance of your DPF?

For every trucker, it’s crucial to have the diesel particulate filter (DPF) of their truck completely clean to increase the longevity of their vehicles and keeping them on the road, as we all know that truckers’ means of livelihood are their trucks.

In order to recover the high investment of a diesel semi truck and start to get profit off their use, it’s important to perform preventive maintenance on a regular base, without forgetting to give the DPF the attention that it requires.

The DPF, which assists in clearing up the exhaust by trapping ash and soot produced by diesel motor oil burn, needs to be regularly cleaned. Otherwise the exhaust flow can be blocked and consequently the engine can be affected and damaged.

Many fleet owners opt for performing, at least, an annual cleaning of their semi trucks DPF. This periodic cleaning will affect the volume of fuel burned, the quality of the filter, the distance travelled and the amount of time that the vehicle’s motor is running.

This Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning should be performed by professionals; they will help you save money, especially when you think that your DPF needs to be replaced. A good cleaning, performed by a professional, can make your DPF work perfectly again and extend the life span of the DPF while delaying the need of replacement.

Some of the cleaning steps that the professionals should perform to properly clean your DPF are:

  • The part needs to be checked and tagged.
  • The filter element should be removed against the burner.
  • Before starting with the cleaning process the Diesel Particulate Filter must be weighed and the data should be registered.
  • The professional should look for signals of dirt accumulation.
  • The filter should be washed with pressurized water.
  • The part should be inspected for any trace of dirt and cleaned.
  • The DPF should be loaded in the digital temp control oven.
  • The part should be baked/heated by more than 1000 degrees during 6 to 8 hours.
  • Any residual ash or dirt left in the DPF should be completely removed.
  • The DPF must be put back to the burner

Does your DPF need to be replaced?

Visit a professional and certified service provider to evaluate the condition of your Diesel Particulate Filter and help you choose the best new part to replacement..



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