Having the compressor in order is having a good truck

Having the compressor in order is having a good truck

The engine compressor is responsible for generating the necessary air for the correct operation of the air system of the truck, functioning as if it were its heart. It is the main component of the proper operation in the truck brakes and works together with the valves, air storage tanks, air dryer, air chambers and air pressure lines.

The compressor and its care:

  • If your truck does not have an air dryer, it is advisable to drain the storage tanks daily before starting the engine. With this procedure, you can check the presence of oil or water in the tanks.
  •  If your truck has an air dryer, then it is not necessary to perform the procedure every day, since its function is to collect all the humidity and, once it reaches a certain level, the air dryer is responsible for expelling it, causing the air that circulates through the tanks dry and pure, and keeps the pneumatic network in good condition, without porosity in the seals or oxidation. It is advisable to periodically drain the storage tanks to make sure the air dryer and system work properly.

When the compressor fails:

  •  If you notice the existence of water in the air tanks, the air dryer will probably be affected and will require maintenance, such as gasket and filter changes.
  •  If you observe the presence of oil in the air tanks, this may mean that there is an internal fault in the compressor, such as a broken seal. The transfer of the oil to the tanks causes the deterioration of the seals and their tightness loss. It is a serious failure that can affect the operation of the brakes.
  • On different occasions the air governor, located in the air dryer, can cause problems related to the control of the load, causing the compressor to not load sufficiently or overload.

Recommendations for a good maintenance:

  •  Keep the refrigeration system in good condition; this will help to increase the life of the compressor. If an inadequate refrigerant or water is used, it will result in damage and oxidation in the compressor head.
  •  The life of the compressor and its components will be prolonged with the proper use of the refrigerant and the adequate oil change.
  •  Attention should be paid to leaks and also to the existence of water and oil in the air tanks, as this will prevent future problems, excessive maintenance costs and high fuel consumption. When there are leaks, the compressor keeps working, affecting the fuel consumption, thus creating extra work load for the engine.

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