Having sex prolongs the life of a trucker

Having sex prolongs the life of a trucker

Trucker friends, as if the sexual intercourse itself was not pleasant enough, it seems that every day we have more reasons and more knowledge of the advantages to practice it more often. In the past month we shared some health benefits of sexual intercourse and everything indicates that the benefits do not end there. Sex could also help to prolong our lives.

This is the conclusion of a study conducted by a Californian University, which was published by the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology. The results of the study provide much hope even though its definitive and is missing confirmations through further research.

The scientists who carried out the study came to this conclusion based on the structures located at the end of the chromosomes, called telomeres, which play a very important role in the cell aging process, especially the one of limits the lifetime of our cells.

When a cell is divided, its telomeres are shortened and it seems that the size of them can be directly related to the frequency that the person has sex. The larger the length of the telomeres, longer will be the life of the cell, because it will take more time to degenerate.

To carry out the study, blood samples from 129 selected women with different ages and weights, and among other criteria, those who are in a stable love relationship, were analyzed. The size of their telomeres was examined and the results were amazing; the scientists statistically detected that there was a direct relationship between the size of the telomeres and the sexual routine of these women. Those who practiced sex at least once a week had telomeres with a longer length.

So truckers, should we have more sex to live longer? At the moment we do not have definitive confirmations from the investigators of the study, but it is clear that this will be a line of research to continue studying until obtaining more conclusive results. But one thing is clear; you can use this argument as an excellent excuse to have sex more often with your partner every time you get off the road.

So, if you combine your trucker routine with an active sexual life with your partner, you are probably contributing with many benefits to your health and at the same time prolonging your life.



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