This is the question you, as a driver, has to ask yourself all the time because you feel like your engine is powerless. Today we will discuss this issue and we will draw all the questions that you, as a professional driver, may have. All engines are powerful, it doesn´t matter if it is a 320hp, 370hp, 430hp or 500hp.
It is true that, the more horsepower an engine has, the more power you will obtain. If you notice that you don’t have power while you are carrying a low weight load or, even worse, when you are not carrying any load at all and the engine does not respond, it means the engine may be warning you that something is going wrong.
If you, as a good driver, pay attention to this issue on time and you check your engine immediately, this problem will cost you less money. When we notice the poor engine condition at an early stage, you will have the advantage of being able to fix before it is too late. If you ignore the problem and you continue to drive, the damage will increase and fixing the engine will be more expensive.
Your mechanic needs to check the basics and let you know exactly where the problem of the losing power is, the steps are:

– The Air filter
– The Status of Turbo
– The Fuel pressure
– The Air Radiator
– The Injectors
– The Diesel Fuel Hose

Your mechanic has to be sure that he has checked out all the points mentioned above, to be able to give you a proper diagnosis about your commercial vehicle, and for your security as a driver.
Remember, my carrier friend, if you solve this issue on time, the costs will be cheaper. Otherwise, you will spend thousands of dollars. ETM


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