Great truck financing opportunity - No credit check and under down payment

Great truck financing opportunity - No credit check and under down payment

A few years ago we initiated the truck financing program without credit verification. We started this program to help those who have the desire to be owner-operators but do not meet the requirements of finance companies. Their bad credit records hinder them from either qualifying for finance companies, or get charged high interest rates due to not having enough money for the down payment.

Ardwin Freight, through the finance company, Andre Finance Inc, has created a program to make your desire to become an owner-operator a reality. To qualify for the insurance company, the following is necessary: a minimum of 2 years of road experience and an acceptable driving record. Only $5,000 will be required for the down payment and you will be able to drive a 2014 Freightliner with an average of 400 thousand miles.

For your peace of mind and security, the truck comes covered with an extended warranty. After 3 months of work we will offer you the option to buy a new truck with zero down payments. The purpose of this program is to provide you with the pink slip of the truck and the trailer in a short term.

Beyond that, you will not have to worry because Ardwin Freight will offer you a job and will provide plates, permits, liability and cargo insurance, diesel cards (so you can buy the cheapest diesel and save a lot of money), fast payments, etc.

Many people who have bought a truck renewed their equipment using the same program indicating the effectiveness and leaving a good impression.

Some applicants told us that their hard work couldn’t even provide a long vacation. Now, being their own boss, they work the same, but the fruits of their efforts are enjoyed by their families (not the family of their boss). 

Ardwin Freight makes it easy for you. Call us right now at (800) 927-8153 or visit us at our terminal located at: 2940 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505. Have a nice day and a safe trip.


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