In order to eliminate the smartphone’s location tracking limitations, Gorilla Safety, provider of a cloud-based software solution that automates the elements of fleet and safety management for the transportation industry, has improved its app with Gorilla Trax. This technology enables tracking on trailers and trucks, something that will definitely help to fight against cargo theft.

For the best benefits of the Gorilla Safety App, which works through GPS, it is necessary to attach a Gorilla Trax device in the truck or trailer. The device will communicate with the app to inform the specific location of the driver and his vehicle. That will help not only to know when and where the trucker is driving but will allow tracking on the vehicle.  This will provide the precise location of vehicles, helping in case of cargo theft and also in accidents, reducing the first responders’ response time. In case of an accident, the implementation of this technology will increase the precise identification of the type of vehicle, the weight of the cargo on board and its gravity. 

Gorilla Safety, in addition to GPS enhancements, made important updates in its web-based offering and app technology platform, including processes for vehicle tracking inspections, IFTA reporting, companies’ procedures and policies automation as well as the possibility to alert about procedural violations. Gorilla Safety’s platform can be accessed directly from a computer through its web dashboard or even from an Android, iPhone, tablet or iPad. Gorilla Safety’s Features Suite also allows to:

  • Meet with the ELD Mandate
  • Manage accidents via real-time reporting and investigation, accident data collection at the scene with possibility of uploading photos and recording testimony of accident.
  • Record hours of service electronically via, ELD, Local Radius Platform or eLogs.
  • Perform inspections through automated eDVIR (Electronic Daily Vehicle Inspection Report)
  • Track of vehicle maintenance and fuel usage in real time.
  • Share data to every user through the same platform
  • Storage of important documentation such as bills of lading, receipts, HR-required documents, procedures manuals, etc.


For more information about the services, features and benefits of Gorilla Safety visit it the official website: http://gorillasafety.com


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