From trucker to trucker

From trucker to trucker

The years pass and the cases of fraud against our truckers’ friends have increased. The propaganda campaign performed by representation companies addressed to our community is getting more and more intense. We can listen to the radio, watch on television and read in the newspapers these kinds of ads that offer to solve tax problems easily. Of course, the trucking community is an easy target for these kinds of offers, because they do not have time to investigate and allow themselves to be erroneously led, and not achieving solid results. Consequently, we have a more complicated picture, where there is no solution to a tax problem that increases day by day.

A very typical case was presented to us a few days ago. A truck driver friend, looking to solve his tax problem with the Internal Revenue Service, hired a company that does this kind of propaganda. That had a cost of more than $8,000 to our friend, losing his money without having had any positive results. Thus, in his eagerness and desperation to get out of his problem with the IRS, our truck driver friend, hired another company (THE TAX FIRM OF AMERICA), paying in advance another similar or greater amount for this representation service. In the end, the result, just like the previous one, was negative; he lost his money and had an increase in his debt with the IRS.

Continuing with this case, our friend did not give up and according to his narrative, he said that it was in El Trailero Magazine where he found several representation professionals before the IRS, but he was convinced by only one for his career, experience and professionalism. So, our trucker friend rightly chose Jagg Tax Solution, Inc., as his representative to the IRS.

At Jagg Tax Solution, Inc., we truly have the necessary credentials to represent our friends and their problems with the IRS and other state agencies. In Jagg Tax Solution, Inc., a company headed by Gustavo Núñez, who in addition to being an Enrolled Agent with credentials from the IRS, was a trucker for many years. Under this context and philosophy, Jagg Tax Solution, Inc., understands the value and importance of a truck driver’s work and what it costs to earn, week after week, the fruit of their work. That is why, from trucker to trucker, we suggest that you take your time to investigate your tax professional.



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