FMCSA to delay regulation of travelling with medical card

FMCSA to delay regulation of travelling with medical card

FMCSA plans to delay the date of application for a federal regulation that would be responsible for eliminating truck driver’s necessity to drive carrying their medical card by three years. Instead, they plan to use a streamline communication between state driver’s license agencies and the National Registry. The rule that was supposed to come in to force this June 22 will be delayed to June 2021.

The regulation requests the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to electronically send driver information, such as examination results and medical information, from the National Registry to state licensing agencies.

Apparently, the reason behind for the delay from the FMCSA is directly related to better build the information technology program since there was a security breach that affected the website of the National Registry of Certify Medical Examiners for about five months.

For the time being, certified medical examiners must report results of medical examinations of CMV drivers before midnight of the day after an examination, issuing original medical papers to certify drivers being qualified. At the same time, drivers must still provide to their state driver’s licensing agency proving medical certification.


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