Five Reasons why Truckers should Walk Everyday

Five Reasons why Truckers should Walk Everyday

Walking is a simple activity and it is completely free. You can practice on your own or with a companion. After driving for many hours you arrive at a truck stop, get out of your truck, stretch out your legs, and walk around the truck stop. Those places are huge, so a short walk won´t make you feel bad. After walking you can take a nice bath, as those places provide very clean and comfortable bathrooms.

There are five noteworthy reasons why all truckers should try to incorporate walking into their daily routine:

  1.  A daily walk decreases the likelihood of developing obesity.

Trying to change our genetics or physical shape sometimes seems completely impossible, but the experts from a study performed at Harvard proved otherwise. They analyzed the genes of 12,000 individuals and found that people who walk at least one hour each day counteract half of the effects of obesity. There are genes that have a tendency to develop certain diseases, but if proper habits are developed, such as walking, the risks of suffering decreases.


  1. It helps control the desire to consume foods high in sugar.

A trucker's life can be very stressful and create situations where you are tempted to eat more sweets. According to a University of Exeter’s study, walking 15 minutes a day helps control cravings, relieving anxiety.

  1.  It increases the body's natural defenses.

In a Harvard study they found that by walking 5 days a week, you decrease the chances of getting a cold 43%. We know that a trucker's health is essential for them to work and support their family and walking daily is a way to help you stay healthy.

  1. It enriches social life.

Walking can be a social activity for truckers while simultaneously helping those with depression. It generates endorphins, the famous hormones of happiness, which allows us to naturally feel better. It provides your body with vitamin D and prevents diseases like diabetes.

  1. It preserves joint health.

Walking relieves joint pain, strengthens knees and hips, and other joints affected by osteoarthritis. It is highly recommended for patients who are overweight, as this is the case with many truckers.

The recommended frequency of this exercise will depend on the age of each truck driver, seniors must walk an average of 20 to 30 minutes per day, while those who are younger should increase the intensity exercise to an hour. So, my road friends, let´s walk.


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