What is the law? It is a set of rules that regulates human behavior to protect freedom, dignity and ensure the enjoyment of all fundamental rights of an individual in the society. One of the fundamental rights of each person is the right to life and, with great indignation and annoyance, I wonder, how these reckless drivers dare to try to take away our right to life on the road?

Speeding drivers induce many accidents and high speeds are one of the most common causes of death or serious injury. Approximately one third of the accidents are caused by speeding. The faster the vehicle travels, less time it has to react and avoid a collision. And greater will be the damage caused.

I think we all as truckers, agree that driving over 55 mph with a cargo is dangerous. Even so, it is not necessary to go so fast to cause serious damage. Just 5 miles above the speed limit make the difference. An extra 5 mph could mean the difference between running a person or cyclist over, hitting a car, a motorcycle, a property, falling into an abyss, etc. Please, let’s be aware and civilized. Driving in excess speed does not mean a great saving of time, instead  we guarantee you that the hazards will increase for you, your passengers and others.  The responsibility of being a parent, is to remember that we are the role model for our children. What is the point of teaching your child that speeding is dangerous if you do it and imprudently put your family at risk?

Driving too fast in bad weather is another factor to consider. The speed limit for trucks in California is 55 mph. But when there is rain, snow,  fog or another bad weather condition, you must slow down to keep your vehicle controlled and avoid accidents.

Other problems, that we frequently face, are poor road conditions and events that occur on them like accidents or construction, which reduces the traffic flow and cause congestion and delay. The driver who does not slow down and does not adapt to the conditions, endangers himself and other drivers. Be patient, you’ll  gain nothing from making unnecessary maneuvers.

Reflect about the dangers of speeding. Especially now, that we are close to end of the year celebrations, when unfortunately the accident rate tends to increase. Have a nice day and a safe trip.


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