Do you feel uncomfortable because you sweat excessively

Do you feel uncomfortable because you sweat excessively

Do you avoid shaking hands when greeting a colleague a truck stop and tend to dress in black to hide sweat stains? The sweat concern on the road can become a nightmare for some truckers as they spend the day driving, cargo, dealing with stressful responsibilities, such delivering cargo at 3 A.M, which excessive sweating.


Well my Trucker friend, this problem is much more common than you think; about 220 million people worldwide suffer from it. You may be asking yourself if there is a solution to excessive sweating problem. Unfortunately, there is no single method to combat this problem, because excessive sweating is a symptom that something in your body is not working properly.


You need to find out what is bothering you, if it's After you analyze your the root of , think about how to overcome it calmly.


Do not worry about what others may be thinking. Surely, more than one is in the same situation you. If you start to sweat in public, try to relax, don’t think about it and calm down.


  • these are some changes in your lifestyle that can help you:


  • Have a good personal hygiene. Sweat almost has no smell, but in contact with skin germs generates bad odor. So when you get to a truck stop take the chance to refresh yourself.
  • Use deodorants in stick format that contains aluminum chloride to control natural secretion and to mask the odor. Or antiperspirant to prevent sweating (spray, roll-on or cream format); they can be applied on hands (20% aluminum), armpits (15%) and rest of the body.
  • Change your diet and start exercising. Avoid spicy or very fat foods. Eat more fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts and at least 2 liters of water every day.
  • Wear cotton clothes, with light and natural fabrics, loose-fitting for your skin perspire.
  • Use deodorant wipes. It is recommended to use it after having the skin clean to not drag sweat and dirt.
  • Wear antiperspirants or fungicides inserts and copper socks in your feet. Put anti-sweating protective pads in your armpits.
  • Use thermoregulatory pillow and pillowcase. Take it with you when you are on the road because they can help you to avoid waking up in your truck drenched in sweat.

Visit your doctor; will do a detailed analysis of your problem and give you .


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