Do not Ignore the Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation

Do not Ignore the Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation

For having your body healthy, it is essential to have great blood circulation. It’s very important to pay attention and visit your doctor to evaluate your health before any signs of circulation problems, because the consequences can be very serious, such as heart attacks.

Truckers generally neglect their health, their diet, and don’t exercise. Those factors collaborate to develop this condition. Fortunately, the process and signs of poor circulation are gradual and presented bit by bit. If you know these signals, it will be much easier to act on your health:

1- Fatigue

Usually, as a truck driver, you’ll feel fatigued, but you must differentiate the fatigue caused by physical overexertion of your work from the fatigue of poor circulation.

The blood is responsible for giving you energy, if it doesn’t circulate properly, your body ends up doing more work and you’ll get tired earlier than normal. And sometimes,  you may end up feeling extremely fatigued, unable to move agilely.

Your doctor will probably advise you to take some energy shake before driving.

2- Hair loss

Poor circulation can affect the health of your hair, weakening it and leaving it without nutrients. Consequently, the hair will dry out, break easily and even fall out in large quantities.

Apply natural masks on your hair. You can also improve your diet, reducing the amount of salt that you consume and eating foods that will reduce blood pressure such as spinach, bananas, avocado and fish.

3- Swollen leg

If the blood does not circulate correctly through the legs, the body itself tries to balance the lack of blood in that area, producing a fluid retention, inflaming the legs, causing pain and even appear bruises. Drink lots of water and ask your doctor what infusions helps to dilate blood vessels.

Every time you arrive in a truck stop put your feet up, this way you will help to distribute the blood in areas where you do not have enough. Massage your legs to increase your blood flow, starting from the feet and go up to your thighs.

4- Tingling

By spending a long time in the same posture such as driving, it’s possible that the tingling in the extremities, mainly in the legs, is more frequent.

Moving helps blood to flow, so if you keep your legs standing or doing the slight movements of driving, then it is possible having a bad circulation.

The best way to prevent tingling and triggering the blood flow is by exercising. A good option is to walk for at least 30 minutes each day. Consider quitting smoking, since tobacco can significantly increase blood pressure.


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