DiCaprio always in Good Company in Cannes

DiCaprio always in Good Company in Cannes

Leo DiCaprio always enjoys clubs in Cannes while surrounded by models. This year he has been seen with Georgia Fowler, who was keeping DiCaprio’s attention by putting her hand on his face and talking to him on the dance floor while he was following the beat of the music with his fingers.

On the other hand, we have Tobey Maguire. Most members of Leo’s pack have always been following his lead. For example, Lukas Haas won’t be having a girlfriend while he can get rejected by Leo's models. But Maguire has been, theoretically, happily married for years to Jennifer Meyer; so Tobey keeps going to the club with Leo, and his wife is totally fine with it. Because it is known that DiCaprio and Meyer are tight. Probably because he has assured her that anything won’t happen on his watch. If that were the case for DiCaprio, would Wife Code beat Bro Code? Are you sure about that?



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