CVSA scheduled Operation Safe Driver Week for October 2017

CVSA scheduled Operation Safe Driver Week for October 2017

From October 15th - 21st, law enforcement agencies will be involved in the CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week across North America. Through that week these agencies will increment educational outreach and traffic safety enforcement for CMV’s drivers. The drivers from passenger vehicles and also truckers who present dangerous driving behaviors will receive citations and warnings.

Speeding, texting, distracted driving, driving too closely, not using the seatbelt, failure to comply traffic control devices and improper lane change will be considered unsafe/dangerous driving behaviors. During 2016’s Safe Driver Week practically three quarters of the citations issued represented speeding and also other local and state infractions.  Almost 21,000 drivers from passenger vehicles and CMVs drivers were pulled over. Almost 20,000 citations were issued on the roads of the United States.

The major five citations and warnings issued to the drivers of CMVs were:

  1. Local and State Moving Infractions – 56.7 percent
  2. Speeding – 19.6 percent
  3. Non-compliance of Traffic Control Device – 7.6 percent
  4. Failure Using Seatbelt While Driving a CMV – 7.1 percent
  5. Utilizing a Hand Operated Phone – 2.4 percent

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