Consequences of Using a Leased Truck with ELD

Consequences of Using a Leased Truck with ELD

The Truck Renting and Leasing Association, is pursuing an exemption from the ELD mandate for rented trucks for 30 days or less. The association considers that the electronic logging device mandate will prejudice rental trucks.


Companies dedicate to rent trucks supports the ELD rule, but they are worried about data liability and data transfer that each trucker will introduce in the ELD system. Especially in cases where data cannot communicate adequately with the telematic platforms from the rental trucks due the broad range of subscription options and devices available on the market.


Regarding data transfer, the association says that a fleet or a driver could rent a vehicle that has one ELD operating system but the system may be different from the one in the truck assigned by the company.  Therefore, this information could not be transferred, unless they have the same system.


This incompatibility between rented vehicle’s ELD and the ELD from the owner-operator company would be problematic for drivers, in case they are requested to present their duty status from the last seven days to the Highway Patrol or DOT. The association considers the percentage of drivers that rent short-term vehicles and required to report HOS to be small, so the use of paper logs books would be a good solution for them to comply with the state and federal HOS regulations.



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