Click it or Ticket

Click it or Ticket

Some experienced drivers have the misconception that their experience guarantees nothing will happen to them because they drive well however this induces them in making a serious and dangerous mistake. The purpose of the seat belt is to ensure the occupants of the vehicle are safe and it is your obligation to fasten it.


The belt is undoubtedly the most important internal protection mechanism of vehicles, as it protects us in case of an abruptly stop or in the event of a collision. Some drivers use the excuse that the utilization of the belt is very uncomfortable, but the truth is that the belt could save your life.


For this reason, it seems inexplicable that 66.5% of those involved in incidents were not wearing the belt. How irresponsible! I just hope these people aren’t parents. Remember that our children often do not listen to our advices, but follow our example. So, let's assure to be a good example to them at all times, so they do not acquire bad habits that could endanger their lives. You could never forgive yourself if something were to happen.


Always wear your belt, even if you are going to drive a short distance. If you are carrying passengers make sure they’re use their seat belt as well. The use of the belt is mandatory and not using it is a violation of the section 392.16 of the FMCSA.


Not wearing the belt increases the chances of dying by 25 times. The safety belt will prevent you from being ejected from the vehicle by the force of the impact, being dragged and scratched on the ground or being crushed by your own or other vehicle.


Although good drivers do not usually cause accidents, they may be involved in an accident caused by a bad driver, bad weather, mechanical failure, the blast of a tire, etc. The use of a seat belt prevents injuries and deaths, avoiding expulsion and protecting the head and spinal cord.


So, please do not make the mistake of overconfidence, fasten your seat belt and avoid risking your life. Your family will thank you. Have a good day and a safe trip.


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