CAT ended the Production of its First Commercial Truck

CAT ended the Production of its First Commercial Truck

Five years ago, the heavy vocational model truck CT660 was created by Caterpillar, with Navistar´s help on the products’ design and build. The trucks were introduced into the on-road market with the promise of being prepared to work in different jobs, like construction or public services.

The exterior of the truck was configurable as Truck or Day-Cab Tractor; the cab was constructed with Aluminum Alloy and had a CAT exclusive stylized hood. The interior was composed by a first class sound insulation kit, optimized suspension design, a very efficient ergonomic cab, enlarge Storage capacity and mirrors designed to increase the secondary visibility and safety, besides other elements.

In 2011, at a press conference in the Conexpo-Con/Agg Show´s opening George Taylor, director of Caterpillar’s on-highway truck group, stated that “this is just the beginning, this is not a one-trick pony” and “we’re going to have a full-line of heavy-duty vocational trucks.” But, unfortunately, after 5 years in the market, the production of CT660 has ended, and the promise of creating a full line of heavy trucks won’t become a reality.

The company´s announcement was made in February, deciding to discontinue the production of the vocational trucks and withdrawing the truck from the market, after evaluating the current business climate in the industry. They also added the fact that they are going through a restructuration in the company, and needed to align the business with the existing market conditions.  

Based on this, they won’t be able to accept new orders for the CT660 trucks, but they will maintain the commitment and support with their existing truck customers. Ramin Younessi, vice-president with responsibility for Caterpillar’s Industrial Power Systems Division, said that “remaining a viable competitor in this market would require significant additional investment to develop and launch a complete portfolio of trucks, and upon an updated review we determined there was not a sufficient market opportunity to justify the investment”.

The Caterpillar´s announcement impacted around 70 positions. The reductions began in March and will continue over a period of time.


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